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vote for Savage Garden

he Courier Mail and the Brisbane City Council have come together to collect votes for The Valley Walk of Fame, which will feature Brisbane bands and musicians that have made an impact in the Australian and world music scene.
They've shortlisted 25 and they're asking for the public to vote for the 10 finalists and talk about why they deserve to be on the Walk of Fame.

Savage Garden is one of them! Here's the vote page:

Just a few additional notes:

1. You don't have to be Australian to vote

2. You can only vote once per email address, but please try not to game the system

3. Voting goes on until 4th of October 2007

4. It's optional to explain why you think that band should be on the walk of fame, but I think it may help. Do consider that, by filling out that section and sending a vote, you're likely giving The Courier Mail permission to quote you. I don't think they'll use your email address for other things though.
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