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Covers / Tribute bands

Anyone know of any Savage Garden cover/tribute bands, or even just some great covers of Savage Garden songs they'd like to share?

OR: Which band(s) do you think would do a killer job of covering Savage Garden? (My vote goes to My Chemical Romance for this one, personally.)

A while ago I found this great cover of "Carry On Dancing" by Entwine:

Now I really really want to create a Savage Garden rock/punk/death metal/something cover band...

If you search on Youtube there are some great covers of songs like "Two Beds and a Coffee Machine." (And one really awful cover of my favourite Savage Garden song ever, "Tears of Pearls.")
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Haha, what a terrible cover. His voice is too nasally.
Here's the aforementioned "Tears of Pearls" cover:


November 11 2008, 20:03:18 UTC 8 years ago

Lol! That one, however, is AMAZING! Have we discovered the new William Hung?
der, that was me
I know eh? I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!
well i like the music part.. strange that it almost made me think of the book/movie "Twilight" ... i like it though
I found a slightly modified version of Chained To You:
And "Moon" by Eastclubbers:
I don't really like her for this, but it's somehow catchy ..I guess.

Whoa. Entwine is one of my fav bands, it's awesome they made a cover of SG! Didn't know that! Thanks for sharing.